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Welcome to the Meaning vs Merit podcast

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Dr. Maria-Christina has a passion for helping people flourish and find their way back to their purpose, power, meaning, and joy. For many people with eating disorders, OCD, anxiety, and depression, this involves helping them overcome and manage problematic high-achievement and perfectionistic behaviors.

Yet our culture continues to promote perfectionistic messages and a proving, validation-seeking, and scarcity mentality. Achievement and merit are prized, and there is an ongoing pressure to perform at increasingly higher levels, impress as many people as possible, and rise further and further up the status ladder.

Our society's relationship with achievement and merit is complex, and Dr. Maria-Christina aims to unpack it, understand it, and change in her new Meaning Vs Merit Podcast.  Join Dr. Maria-Christina in this important conversation as she interviews leaders and experts from various fields and shares her own tips and insights about navigating this complex relationship between merit and meaning.  Ultimately, Dr. Maria-Christina believes we can shift our fear-based achievement culture to a new way of striving for success and excellence - one that promotes flourishing and self-empowerment in ourselves, our children, and our community. This show aims to teach you how.

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Dr. Stewart completed specialized graduate and post-doctoral training in eating disorders at Stanford University School of Medicine, Harvard University School of Medicine, and Boston University’s Center for Anxiety and Related Disorders. Her commitment to providing the best care inspired her to complete an additional post-doctoral fellowship in eating disorders at Stanford University. Here she became certified...

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